Disadvantges Of Rooting Android

So by now you know that rooting is a very good process according to developers but at some stages your device can have sever side effects after rooting. Rooting has enormous benefits Where installing third party root access apps is the main moto for rooting android devices now a days.

Following are the disadvantages of android rooting. Read them and make your decision about Rooting your Android Device.

Risk of Bricking your Android

Disadvantages Of Rooting Android

How authentic may the rooting tutorial be it always have a disclaimer part. Often it is not the tutorial but its is the person himself responsible for bricking his Android device. What actually does bricking means ? it is a state reached when something goes wrong while bricking that your android is nothing more than a piece of brick. Being technical when your phone is not capable of performing boot action and just doesn’t responds to anything it is bricked.

Bricking an android phone can be due to many reasons , may it be skipping one step out of rooting tutorials Or may it be a corrupt rooting tool. Bricking leads to make you buy a new phone.

Well rather talking in general over 2% of the androids get Bricked and 99% of these 2% are first timers. So i consider a good ratio to make my conscious mind allow rooting.

Rooting Voids Warranty

Disadvantages Of Rooting Android

Rooting an Android Ph0ne imitatively leads to voiding the warranty provided the company. still there are ways to unroot and claim your warranty once again. but this is not in the case if you bricked your android. rather in this case the company will never repair your phone or will charge a lot from you.

So it is recommended to rot your android after your warranty period expires.

Exposure to virus threats

This is not a big negative aspect but is still is one of the threat involved in rooting. When installing different ROM’s we are never known what is inside that. May the developer has added some malicious files that may harm your android or may change the interface to worse.

Low Performance | Disadvantage of Rooting Android

Some claim that after rooting an android its performance is boosted but let me make you aware that it does boost but to an extent. One can use third party apps to make his android perform better but using those apps over and over and letting load ion your graphic card leads to prolonged low performance and hangs and lags.

Remember when we root we are editing the Stock Android OS so we are gonna edit the hardware Output and Input.

Low Battery Issues after Rooting Android

Some ROMs consume more battery than usual.

I have been facing this since i tried to overclock my android’s processor after rooting. over clocking makes your processor requiring more battery. So after overclocking you will gonna defiantly gonna have low battery issues.

So i just told you every thing about Disadvantages Of Rooting Android.

I know this post can resist you to root your android but trust me if you don’t overuse any feature then you can have all the beneficial effects of rooting and trust me Rooting is worth risking your android to bricking. Its awesome Life after rooting.

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