Zeeshan Mir Baz

Apple to hop on 5G bandwagon in 2020

Zeeshan Mir Baz has collected the information that:

Apple’s 2019 crop of iPhones have not been unveiled as of yet but there are already talks about its 2020 plans, largely because of the lineup being inclusive of 5G.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, has predicted that three iPhones that will be launching in markets in 2020, will be supportive of 5G technologies.

Moreover, San Jose, California-based Kevin Krewwell, principal analyst at Tirias Research, high-tech research and advisory firm said: “Apple iPhones would not be competitive in 2020 without 5G support.”

He told TechNewsWorld, “5G is going to roll out with or without Apple.”

Two groups of frequencies are being used for 5G with the sub-6 5G which has a longer range and better building penetration qualities than the second, mmWave, which supports blazing-fast transmission speeds and performs better in areas of dense usage.

While this comes as great news for all Apple consumers, the tech giant will undeniably be getting into the 5G game much later than some companies.

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