Effects of Mobile Phone on Hearing

Many studies have shown Effects of Mobile Phone on Hearing using mobile phones for more than 30 minutes a day can change the hearing threshold. The minimum level of sound that is audible to a person is the hearing threshold for that person. The hearing threshold shift is more so in higher frequencies.

The main reason for the hearing loss is the exposure of the ear to the electromagnetic field emitted by mobile telephones. The heat emitted by the mobile phone further adds to the damage.

The factors that play a role in the effects of mobile phones on hearing capacity include:

History of use – How long the person has been using mobile phones:

Studies have shown that people who talked over mobile phones for one or two years had a 16.48 decibel hearing loss in the higher frequency range.  But those who used mobile phones for more than four years showed a hearing loss of 24.54 decibels.

Duration of use – How long the person uses in a day:

People who talk on mobile phones for more than 30 minutes a day showed a higher threshold shift than a control group who used for less than 30 minutes.

Initial hearing loss is temporary and hardly noticeable by the person or his significantly close people. Only after a significant hearing loss occurs, the person notices changes in understanding speech in crowded or noisy places.

Symptoms of the ear such as ringing in the ears and fullness in the ears can occur initially. Long term mobile phone use can cause damage to the inner ear.  The possible reasons for blaming the cell phone for causing hearing loss include:

  • The proximity of electromagnetic waves to the ear
  • Exposure to continuous sound, that can be loud, very close to the ear
  • Low quality earphones cause the user to raise the volume of the music, making it even more hazardous
  • High volume of high frequency sounds cause damage to the inner ear.

Hearing loss due to cell phones can be prevented by the following ways:

  • Limit the use of cell phones to necessary talking, go for landline when possible
  • Do not use low quality ear phones
  • Use speaker mode when the chat is very long
  • Bluetooth head set can reduce the exposure to electromagnetic radiation
  • Use low volume levels for listening to music

Mobile phones are here to stay and further improve. One cannot stay away from them and lag behind when the technology is progressing. It is necessary to educate oneself from the dangers and use strategies to prevent hearing loss and other harmful effects of cell phones.

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