Effects of Technology on Business Communications

Technology has enabled us to send faster messages.

Technology has changed business in many ways, but its affect on communication is arguably the most significant. Indeed, communication through email, text messaging, instant messaging and even budding tools like social networking have been among the most profound effects of technology on every area of business. However, while technology did make business communications faster and easier, it has also made, at times, communication more distracting and less clear

Faster Communication

Whether you need to speak with an employee who is traveling in another state or country or you need to communicate with your supplier half way around the world, technology allows you to do so instantaneously. In fact, thanks to email and text messages, you can now send messages to people in other time zones before you forget without worrying that you will wake them up. In fact, according to Walden University, the Internet has allowed business people to communicate easily regardless of time zone and language issues.

Expanded Communication Opportunities

Technology allows individuals to communicate and carry on a business relationship without ever meeting face to face, so people in all parts of the world now have the chance to interact with a company in a rural part of the United States. For example, technology allowed for the emergence of the virtual assistant, a worker who completes tasks for her client online without having ever met him, in the 20th century.

Communication Must Be More Deliberate

Although technology has made communication instantaneous, so you don’t have to spend hours planning and composing before you communicate and wait for a long period for the reply, it has also made planning deliberate communication periods more important. First, companies that do take advantage of telecommuting and virtual offices need to deliberately plan to communicate with individuals in teams to avoid employees losing touch and to make sure all are working toward the same goals. Second, even if you work in a physical office, instantaneous communication regarding quick decisions and memos cannot replace specific communication times where big decisions are discussed and progress reports given. However, when employees are communicating in multiple ways every day, it can be easy to forget to schedule these types of meetings.



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