Facebook to rebrand tech giants WhatsApp and Instagram

Zeeshan Mir Baz has collected the information that:

Social media giant Facebook confirmed that it’s changing the name of two of its most used applications, Instagram and WhatsApp, to better disclose its ownership of the apps.

Soon, the photo-sharing app will be known as ‘Instagram from Facebook’ while the widely-used messenger will become ‘WhatsApp from Facebook’.

The re-branding effort was first disclosed by The Information and was then confirmed by representatives of Facebook.

“We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook,” a spokesperson told The Information.

Sources told the publication that they were recently notified of the changes and appear to come as a result of antitrust regulators scrutinizing the company’s holdings.

According to these sources, the app’s name will stay the same on the home screen of your phone and tablet, while changes will be seen in the App store for people first downloading them.

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