How to block your stolen or lost cell phone?

Here are some easy-to-follow guidelines to secure your personal information stored on your stolen or lost cell phone.

As per the website, there are four ways that you can follow to block your cell phone if gets stolen or lost.

The first and easy step includes the online blocking procedure for your Mobile Phone. Follow the instructions mentioned at CPLC website to lock your phone:

1. Contact CPLC 24/7 call centre helplines 1102 021-35662222 & 021-35682222 for lodging complaint of snatched / stolen / Lost Mobile Phone.

2. Provide IMEI no. of snatched/ stolen/ lost mobile phone along with other relevant information.

3. Information of snatched/ stolen/ lost mobile phone is sent to PTA for issuing blocking instructions to all mobile network operators.

4. Mobile network operators block snatched/ stolen/ lost mobile phone within 24 hours.

You can call at the following mentioned numbers to get your lost phone’s data save by locking it:

CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee): 021-35662222

Police (Rescue 15) : 15

PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority) : 0800-25625

They will get some basic info along with the IMEI number of your lost mobile set, will request all the mobile operators to block this IMEI on their networks to save your information.

Other ways to block your stolen or lost cell phone includes email and fax.

You can fax your complaint at 021-35683336 or by mailing at

The IMEI number you have to send can be found underneath mobile’s battery and warranty card, you can also find your IMEI of you set by dialing the sequence *#06# into your phone.

Save your IMEI number before something bad happens to your cell phone.


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