Zeeshan Mir Baz

Huawei is about to take on Oracle in the database market

Chinese tech giant Huawei will soon launch a new cloud database product in an attempt to take market share away from U.S.-base enterprise powerhouses like Oracle. That’s according to a report from The Information:

Huawei is planning to unveil its new cloud database product at an event scheduled for May 15 in Beijing, people familiar with the matter said. A Huawei manager, who spoke to The Information on condition of anonymity, said the company will initially target the domestic market where it has a better chance of attracting customers.

The Information says Huawei’s new cloud database product “focuses on enabling corporate customers to use artificial intelligence to manage their data.” It has reportedly been designed by the company’s secretive database research group called Gauss.

To begin with, Huawei is said to be launching their new database solution only in China, which makes sense given the scrutiny the company has been receiving from governments around the world. But as Huawei’s upcoming cloud database project shows, the company isn’t content with reining in its technological solutions and competitiveness anytime soon.

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