The 10 Best Android Science Apps

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Ever wanted to see what NASA is up to, right from your phone? With a growing collection of over 14,000 images and videos, you can see what’s happening in space, keeping your eye on current NASA missions and news. The app also features launch and mission information, a live stream of NASA TV, andit  connects to Facebook and Twitter, for easy sharing of exciting information.

Touch Surgery

Android 4.0 and above, Kinosis, free
Simulating real-life surgery, Touch Surgery lets you have a go at a variety of different operations, without the risk of harming a real person! Designed to aid those in the medical profession, the app uses Cognitive Task Simulation, breaking each surgery down into manageable and ordered steps. Although it won’t give you a medical qualification, this is a great way to learn about the human body and experience performing surgery for yourself.

Sky View

Android 4.0.3 or later, Terminal Eleven, free
This app is perfect for stargazers who don’t have the time to learn every constellation by heart. All you have to do is point the camera at the sky, and it will identify stars, constellations and planets, both day and night. You can even use the app to travel in time, seeing accurate images past skies, as well as how the sky will appear on future dates. What’s more, the app requires no Wi-Fi, meaning that it always works, no matter where you are.


Android 2.3 and above, BrainPOP, £1.20-£4.22 
Each day, you can watch a new animated movie and then test yourself with a fun interactive quiz. Topics include science, maths, technology, health, music and social studies. This app is ideal for students, or simply for those who fancy learning something new and testing their knowledge. Each mini film is subtitled, allowing you to read along and take in the facts as you go.

Star Chart Infinite

Varies with device, Escapist Games Ltd, £1.99
Using specialised GPS technology, Star Chart provides you with an accurate 3D universe. Pointing it towards the sky will show you a precise image of where stars and planets are at that precise moment in time, even in broad daylight. Using your fingers you can explore the solar system by zooming in on specific planets and stars. The app even has a voice control function, meaning that you can travel round the galaxy singing “fly me to the moon”.

Amazing Science Facts

Android 4.0 and above, Movin’App, free 
Containing thousands of facts, Amazing Science Facts gives you the chance to learn new information about any area of science that interests you. You can receive daily facts wherever you are – the app requires no Wi-Fi, even functioning on airplane mode. You can search specific topics and share your favourite facts by email, Facebook and Twitter.

Science Bank

Android 2.1 and above, JD Star, free 
Filled with facts and definitions, Science Bank allows you to explore the worlds of biology, chemistry, physics, space and the environment. The app contains galleries of photographs and diagrams, bringing the facts to life. You can also save your favourite facts and pictures to return to later, even adding your own.

Brian Cox Wonders Compilation

Android 4.4 and above, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, £2.39
Professor Brian Cox takes you on a tour of a 3D Universe, from tiny sub-atomic particles to huge moons and galaxies. This compilation combines aspects of Professor Brian Cox’s ‘Wonders of’ books with elements from the BBC hit show ‘Wonders of the Universe’. The app contains a collection of high-resolution 3D images, with text, to guide you through the planets, moons, black holes and stars of the Universe.

Skeptical Science

Varies with device, Shine technologies Pty Ltd, Free

Ever heard someone make false claims about global warming, but had no evidence to prove them wrong? Having Skeptical Science in your pocket gives you back up, with endless global warming facts and figures. The app also comes with a great deal of peer reviewed scientific information, giving you reliable evidence with which to prove your point.

3D Brain

Android 1.6 and later, DNA Learning Center, free

Allowing you to zoom in on different areas of the brain, 3D Brain encompasses 29 interactive cerebral structures. You can find out the structure and function of different parts of the brain and learn about what happens if each area is damaged. The app also highlights the role of different brain areas in mental illness, and includes links to case studies and new research.
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