Zeeshan Mir Baz

What to expect from the incoming Facebook Messenger updates

During its yearly F8 conference Facebook unveiled some of its new development plans which include new updates focusing on privacy issues while also opening new marketing doors for businesses.

1. Desktop app for Messenger:

Creation of desktop version of app can be used as a collaboration tool which would authorize teams to have video calls, pool resources on chats or to multi-task while chatting.

2. A lighter and faster version:

The new Messenger will be 70MB smaller than the old version, which will make it much faster and less strenuous on device storage. This project is labeled as ‘LightSpeed’ and the goal is to have a Messenger App that launches in under two seconds and requires only 30MB to install.

3. A group of ‘close friends’:

The main focus of this feature would be to provide Facebook users a dedicated space to share content with selected close friends and family, through the creation of multiple groups.

4. Improved video viewing for groups:

According to Facebook, users will be able to engage in video content together. They would be able to invite up to 50 people to watch a video together while messaging or even for a video call.

5. Lead ads template and appointment bookings:

This will be the biggest update which would help businesses to easily use Facebook and Messenger to qualify leads through the Q&A and to get connected with its customers through an automated system.

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